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History 2000

>> About (s) Live in Cologne, 2000.
Living in Cologne - Surviving in Cologne
Artists: (Rahim Fathi-Baran, Christian Fiege, Anneliese Fikentscher, Alpine pasture Glanschneider, Andreas Neumann, Frank Schvggl and Jurgen Seidel.
Photographic project.

>> Up in the Air: International Artists at Work in the Highest Building in Liverpool.
1st -31st November 2000.
Several weeks before its demolition an exhibition will mark the end of the artists residencies and coincide with the evacuation of the block, and a publication will be produced in 2001.

>> Flyover: Music Improvisation at the Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool, England.
Thursday 12th October 2000 at 8pm onwards.
Improvised music is an established feature of the German music scene, unlike Britain where audiences have so far been somewhat hesitant to develop a lasting enthusiasm for this form of unusual, original and often surprising style of music.

>> Distanzierungen 1: Vorgdrten.
6th - 27th October 2000.

Artists: Ellen Keusen, Reise and Anna E. Stdrk.
Blackburne House, Liverpool, England.

>> Basement VI.
6th - 28th October 2000.
Artists: Sian Hughes, Susan Leask and Margaretha Schoening, with guest artists Rosy Beyelschmidt and Christiane Brams.
Basement Gallery, Liverpool, England.

>> Bataks.
7th - 26th October 2000.
Axel Hvptner (Drawings) and Wolfgang L|ttgens (Photographs).
Croxteth Hall, Liverpool, England.

>> Bluecoat Hosts Cologne Exhibition 2000.
7th October - 11 November 2000.
Artists: Boris Becker, Tobias Gerber, Thomas Rentmeister, Alexander Sell and Iskender Yediler.
A collection of sculpture, photography, drawings and video.
Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

>> Two-in-One Virus Meets Scouse.
6th October - 11th November 2000.
Tom Koesel, Pavor Nocturnus and Walter Wolf.
Unity Theatre, Liverpool, England.

>> Kolner Graphikwerkstatt.
2nd - 31 October 2000.
Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

Two artists from this popular printmaking workshop in Cologne present etchings and other prints following a residency at Liverpool Schoo of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University.

>> Eurocard: Torsten and Nina in Liverpool.
th October - 11th November 2000.
ArtistsLTorsten and Nina Romer.
Graphic House, Liverpool, England.
An exhibition of paintings including a group in which brand names and consumer products are subverted, curated by Donald Van Tripp in association with the Hub Collective.

>> Ancient and Modern.
19th Septemeber - 14 October 2000.
Artists: Theda Katharina Besser, Gabriele Felgentrager, Mechtild Watermann, Julia Carter Preston and Spiros Koukos.
Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

Three Cologne jewellers join Liverpool ceramicist and Greek silversmith in this group craft exhibition.

>> Moltkerei Werkstatt, 2000.
Artist: Susan Leask.
Leask transformed the space in a new light with an installation.

>> Tribute to Adrian Henri, 2000.
(b: 10th April 1932, d: 21 December 2000)
A British poet and painter.
Adrian Henri was featured in the first eight days a week programe in Koln 1998, He Pasted away in Liverpool aged 68 following a long illness. Shortly before his death he was awarded the Freedom of the City of Liverpool in recognition of his contribution to Liverpool's cultural scene. He also received an honorary doctorate from Liverpool university.
He described his early philosophy as If you think you can do it and you want to do it then do it.

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