Eight days a week 2000: MUSIC IMPROVISATION AT THE BLUECOAT Art centre
Thursday 12 October at 8pm

Improvised music is an established feature of the German music scene, unlike Britain where audiences have so far been somewhat hesitant to develop a lasting enthusiasm for this form of unusual, original and often surprising style of music. Joachim Zoepf has been playing the saxophone and the bass clarinet for a good twenty years, releasing his work on his own label Improvisers' Series and collaborating with other musicians such as Melvyn Poore, Martin Theurer, Phillipe Micol and Hans Tammen.
He has been part of the improvising ensembles AQTRZ, TroisVenture, URL and Ensemble 2 INCO and has also ventured into uncharted territory in his collaborations with dancers, actors and visual artists Maria Schmidt-Dzionsko and Thomas Lehn.
This is a unique opportunity to hear one of Cologne's most respected improvisers explore the simple barriers of space, of language and also the more subtle barriers of specific expectations and preconceived ideas.
The Liverpool event, organised as part of the Third Frakture Festival of Improvised Music, will also feature a set from local improvisers.



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