Eight Days A Week 2000 : ANCIENT AND MODERN :
19 Sep 2000 - 14 Oct 2000 ANCIENT AND MODERN COLOGNE



DISPLAY CENTRE Bluecoat Display Centre School Lane Liverpool
Theda Katharina Besser, Gabriele Felgentrager, Mechtild Watermann, Julia Carter Preston, Spiros Koukos have remained in contact, and in May 2000 Julian returned to Cologne to exhibit again at Kunstgewinn, with Cook Au Van.

This exhibition unites the craftmakers of three unique cities. Their work reflects their contrasting cultures and surroundings. Ancient and Modern comprises ceramics by Liverpool's Julia Carter Preston, whose distinctive work combines historic and contemporary imagery; three jewelers from Cologne, Theda Katharina Besser, Gabriela Felgentrager and Mechtild Watermann, who each use metals and unconventional materials in a very progressive way to produce strong sculptural pieces; and the intricate, traditionally inspired jewellery of silversmith Spiros Koukos from the ancient city of Athens.

The three Cologne artists are representative of the strong tradition of craft in the city. Theda Katharina Besser uses a mixture of gold and silver as well as steel and copper in her jewellery, some elements of which relate to industrial production. Mainly her work is made into movable geometrical forms, where the pieces become tactile objects which tempt the wearer to feel and play. Gabriela Felgentrager describes her jewellery as not of the domestic or 'pretty' variety. She uses unusual materials, encouraging the observer to rethink what is wearable. "These jewelled body objects have their own place and space", she says. Mechtild Watermann creates small spaces in gold and silver with her jewellery, which she describes as "three dimensional pieces which have windows to allow a look inside".

Theda Katharina Besser statement

My work is emergency of the cathedral TIC or pretty variety, and I frequently use unconventional material. The form and size of my pieces encourage both the wearer and the of observer tons RH-think their emergency ion of what is jewellery and what is wearable. For me a ring is more than a "object" for the fingers. A brooch is more than A pretty accessorize. Thesis body objects have their own place and space. Whether you wear them or take off - they lead tons associations.

Julia Carter-Preston - eminent Liverpool artist
Julia Carter Preston is the UK’s finest ceramicist who has been working and exhibiting since the early 1960s. She already has strong links with the University through her teaching at the School of Art and Design where John Lennon was among her students



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