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History 2006

>> Injured Text/Gedruckte Zeichen
27 August - 22 September 2006.
Artists: Guiseppe di Bernardi, Tracey Brown, Pete Clarke, Paul Davidson, Georg Gartz, Neil Morris, Patrick Thomas, A.Vietz, Jutta Vollmer, Walter Wolf und Tine Wille
Kölner Graphikwerkstatt e.V, Im Sionstal 17, 50678 Köln.
An exhibition of prints by Liverpool and Cologne artists.

>> Art Genossen, Paintings, Flavours and Merseybite
31th March - 26th April 2006.
Artists: Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz.
Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz : March-April 2006
Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Clarke and Georg in exhibition context of hotel in Cologne, Germany.

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