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Basement XII.
18th May - 17th June 2006.
Artists: Susan Leask, Margaretha Schöning, Giuseppe De Bernardi Lima and Anja Hoinka.
Basement Gallery, Liverpool, England.
A residency programme and exhibition by Liverpool, Cologne and international artists.

Joanna Dunn

International residency and exhibition at basement.
Resident artists Susan Leask Margaretha Schöning

Guest Artists Giuseppe De Bernardi from Lima, Peru , Anja Hoinka from Köln, Germany.

The four artists will work closely alongside each other for two weeks making new works that respond to the basement environment.

Further information/View by appointment 0151 707 0375 / 0151 709 8246.
Residency dates 19th May – 2nd June 2006
Private View Friday 2nd June 2006, 6-8pm.
c/o: 6 Huskisson Street, Liverpool, England.

Exhibition 3rd – 17th June 2006
Photos: Tony Knox (c) 2006.

Susan Leask 2006.

Margaretha Schöning Untitled 2006.

Margaretha Schöning Untitled 2006.

Anja Hoinka Raumskizze 2006.

Anja Hoinka Raumskizze 2006.

Giuseppe De Bernardi 2006.

Supported by: Eightdaysaweek Köln in Liverpool.

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