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History 1998

>> Engagement, 1998.
Artists: Pete Clarke, Alan Dunn, Dave Mabb, Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Sing.
A Music performance by Johannes Heinen.
Lichthof in der VHS-KoIn-Sulz Lotharstrabe 14 - 18, 50937 Koln.
The group exhibition Engagement at the old Jewish hat factory at the Lichthof der VHS Koln-Sulz.

>> Impressum: Free Visual Art Newspaper, 1998.
Published and distributed in Liverpool (England) and Koln (Germany)
Art Director Georg Gartz Editor Jurgen Kisters.
Publication oncept by Jurgen Kisters to list arts and cultural activities of artists.

>> Menschen in Liverpool, 1998.
Artist: Menschen.
A social commentary photographer from Germany exhibition in Liverpool, England.

>> Off the Record, 1998.
Artist: Philip Jecks.
Moltkerei Werkstat, Koln, Germany.
Live art combined with soundworks.

>> The Bus Project.
4th - 20th September 1998.
Artist: Tom Wood.
Gallery FM Schwarz, Germany.
Irish photographer Tom Wood's All Zones Off Peak is the culmination of a fifteen-year photographic odyssey around Liverpool.

>> Open Air: Liverpool Film Night, 1998.
Artists: Selection of British made films funded by the Arts Council of England.
Selection of films screened open air from examples of Kes to the Docker and more.

>> At the Waterfront - the Docker of Liverpool, 1998.
Artist: Dave Sinclair.
Photographer Dave Sinclair documentation of the Docker strike on Liverpool, England.

>> 30 Years back Workingclass - Town of Liverpool, 1998.
Artist : Candida Hofer.
Candida Hvfer over the last thirty years has created meticulously composed images of the interiors of public and institutional spaces - spaces marked with the richness of human activity, yet largely devoid of human presence

>> Word Attack.
September 1998.
Artists: Dinesh Allirajah and Stan Lafleur.
MTC, Zulpicher St, Koln, Germany.
Liverpool/Cologne collaboration and exchange of visual art and prose.

>> Body Perspectives, 1998.
Artist: Sarah Raine.
A live art piece developed and presented by Sarah Raine on the subject of body perspective and perception.

>> Art Scene Liverpool: The Sixties and Afterwards.
10th September 1998, 8.00 pn onwards.
Artists: Andrian Henry and Andrew Roberts.
The British Council Hahnenstralbe 6, 50667, Koln, Germany.
The cultural platform of readings and music set on the Beat movement in Liverpool (England) during the decades of the sixties.

>> Scenery Inside - Scenery Outside, 1998.
Artists: Angie Clarke and Geoff Molyneuz.
A collection of art by Clarke and Molyneux who respectively explore the concepts of scene inside and outside.

>> I and the Society, 1998.
Artist: David Jacque.
Gallery Berners, Koln, Germany.

A series of art by Jacques.

>> A Little Help from my Friends, 1998.
Artists: George McKane and Alan Dunn.
Jugend Art Gallery, Koln, Germany.
A series of art presented by McKane and Dunn (Liverpool artists) in Cologne.

>> Magical Mystery Discs, 1998.
Artist: Julian Gillespie.
Wahlenstrasse, Cologne, Germany.
Sculptures set on youth and art in the classroom.

>> There are Places I Remeber? 1998.
Artist: Wilfried Kaute.
Arbeiterfotografie Gallery, Koln, Germany.

Liverpool in 1969 by Kaute.

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