Eight Days A Week 1998: Art scene Liverpool : Adrian Henri - the sixties and afterwards:
The British Council Hahnenstralbe 6, 50667 Koln.

The audience - cord jean, hush puppy, roll-neck - all smoked furiously. In the tiny ante-room bar among the chintz and soft chairs a fat woman in a peasant dress had been squeezing at a piano accordion while big jowled men in bad suits drank vodka and ignored her.

She was drowned out now. "You keep our love hidden - like the nightdress you keep under your pillow - and never wear when I'm there." The voice was clear, fashionably accented, and engaging.

Henri's fat-arse with the rose embroidered on the left pocket swayed in time behind the microphone. Andy Robert's guitar showered, slid and rang.
This was the Liverpool Scene. It was 1968 and poetry was making yet another attempt to take over the world .Below
the Liverpool Scene An album of poetry with Roger McGough, Adrian Henri and Andy Roberts.

Beat in Liverpool : Live Adrian Henri and Andy Robert's reading and music. 8 pm o'clock : 10th september

Adrian Henri was born 1932.
He is also a successful artist and was, from 1972-81, president of the Liverpool Academy of Arts. He has exhibited paintings both nationally and internationally; his first major London exhibition was held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in 1968, and he was awarded the £2000 John Moore's prize for painting in 1972. Two LP's of Henri reading his own work are available from Counterpoint Records

Andy Robert : Poet and Musician
(Harrow / Middlesex, 1946) made his first appearance as a guitarist at the Edinburgh Festival 1965 when he participated in a night revue of the Dublin Trinity College at the Traverse Theatre. That same year he met a number of Liverpudlian poets during the poetry afternoons in the Traverse before commencing his law studies at Liverpool University. He kept in touch with those musicians and poets and instead of entering the legal profession on obtaining his doctorate in 1968,
he became a career musician.



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