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History 2003

>> Interface 1.
July 2003.
Artists: Pete Clarke, Georg Gartz, Geoff Molyneux, Wolfgang Luttgens, Neil Morris and Tracey Brown.
Kooperative K, Hagen, Germany,
Interface is about artists working in collaboration, challenging concepts of originality and authenticity through dialogue and experimentation.

>> Far Ago, Long Away, 2003.
Artists: Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz.
Internationale Kunstausstellung Höhen Art, Simonskall, Germany, 2003.
Clarke and Gartz were
invited to participate in International Kunstausstellung Höhen Art, Simonskall, Germany in 2003.
www. Hoehenart.kulturserver.de.

>> Pete Clarke assigned as Design Team Artist.
January 2003.
Bluecoat Arts Center Design Team Artist 2003-7, Liverpool, England.

>> Interface 2.
July 2003.
Angela Freyer, Dagmar Oeser, Friedrich Kean, Gaby Kneer-Steger, Heike Demleitner, Rappa Port, Uta Schmidt-Escher and Wolfgang Henz from Kooperative K, Hagen, Germany, Pete Clarke and Neil Morris from Liverpool, England.
68 Hope Street, Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.
Exhibiting work at Liverpool Art School from 'Kooperative K, the artists' studios and gallery in Hagen, Germany is the next reciprocal exhibition in this collaborative process.


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