Eight Days A Week 2003 : interface2 Artists working in collaboration : Hope Streeet Gallery
6th april -15th April

Angela Freyer. Dagmar Oeser. Friedrich Kean. `Gaby Kneer-Steger. Heike Demleitner. Rappa Port. Uta Schmidt-Escher. Wolfgang Henze. Kooperative K, Hagen, Germany

This exhibition has been organised by : Pete Clarke : Senior Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire.
Neil Morris : Head of Printmaking at Liverpool John Moores University.

Artists are no longer content to work quietly alone, invisible and irrelevant to most.
Their is another creative agenda where artists' develop there own projects, facilitating initiatives, creating new circumstances for production and communication. These creative networks, strategies and projects in alternative places and contexts are part of a new attitude to making and exhibiting.
Artists particularly in the North West of England have the confidence to know that things are changing, the world is getting smaller and nearer, art and culture can be more available and accessible.
Eight days a week

The Liverpool and Koln Project, 'Unheimlich' at Wiesbaden, 'Kultur/Natur'atSimonskall,Germany 'Basement Project' in India, projects in Tel Aviv, Bassano and Rome are recent examples of Merseyside artists developing new international networks to create reciprocal exhibition opportunities.
Interface 2
Exhibiting work at LiverpoolArt School from 'Kooperative K, the artists' studios and gallery in Hagen, Germany is the next reciprocal exhibition in this collaborative process.
The first 'Interface' showed work by Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz, Geoff Molyneux and Wolfgang LOttgens, Neil Morris and Tracey Brown at Kooperative K, Hagen in July 2003. Interface is about artistsworking in collaboration, challenging concepts of originality and authenticity through dialogue and experimentation.

Angela Freyer

Angela Freyer
1960 born in Berlin living and working in Wetter/Ruhr/NRW
1978-80` training as a goldsmith
1980-86 working on my own
training as an art therapist
Since 90 working as clinical art therapist
1992-97 " further training in art at Hans Herrmann Riispe several single-and group exhibitions
since 02 member of Kooperative K
2003 birth of son Markus Leonhard

How do I develop my pictures? The intention is to have fun while working from demands to openness light, playful experimenting everything is allowed waking up at different places to find myself in colour and form at least.

Dagmar Oeser

Dagmar Oeser
I paint, what I see-and for ambience.
1950 born in Mittweida : studies in Humanities,
Since 1996 expositions member of Kooperative K
1998-02 associated member since 2003

With our paintings 'heaven and hell' Angela and I started a dialogue with an open end. At first we thought these two realms were opposites, but now we tend to think they are intertwined. What is your impression?

Frieddrich Kean

Frieddrich Kean
1939 Born in Wuppertal, Germany. Lives and works in Hagen and Herdecke
1957 Skilled worker. Became acquainted with'magical realism', attempts at imitation and individualisation
1964 Engineering studies and intensive involvement with painting and photography
1993 Pupil ofPavelRichtr, Prague. Prof. RolfThiele-Bremen
1998 Became member of Kooperative K in Hagen

Nowadays. digital technology allows millions of colours to be generated. The result though is colours which are dead and far removed from the intrinsic nature of colour. Colours, namely, are living beings, which cannot be defined in terms of black and white or zero and one. Colours are not objects, and have no need of a form to be visible. They stand for themselves. Reducing down the colours in my pictures to just blue and brown is my attempt at facilitating a meeting of the beholder with the essence of colour.

Wolfgang Henze.

Wolfgang Henze
What's my part of this artwork, in a partnership, in teamwork, in our society?

Gaby Kneer Steger

Gaby Kneer Steger
1956 Born in Hagen lives and works in Hagen
1976 -81 Studies of art and history at the university of Dortmund
1984-2005 : State school teacher
1989 -2005 Group and single exhibitions in Germany and Italy

Artist since the beginning of the studies with varying intensity. motherof three sons, member of the sudio communityand gallery of the Kooperative K in Hagen. Memberof the Women-Art-Forum South Westphalia.
My work is based on figuration in playful exchange with geometric shapes. set vibratinglyside byside and superimposing moving surfaces with structures thrown into reliefs, displayed in vivid colours. Large textile collages are created as well as small pieces of paper art.

Heike Demleiter

Heike Demleiter,MA (RCA)
1967 born in Ingelheim/Germany
2002-2005 Member of the'Kooperative K
2001- 02 Artist in Residence and teaching at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Farnham, Teaching at the College of Art and Technology, Hastings Royal College of Art, London MA in Silversmithing and Metalwork
2000 from the DAAD [DeutscherAkademischeAuslandsdienst]
1995 - 99 FH Hildesheim/Holzminden, Germany Metal Design Department
Apprenticeship as a blacksmith, Hagen, Germany

Containing nothing, 'the earth was without form, and void' Gen 1:2 Empty or unfilled space: Emptiness, Vacuum, a space not filled byanything solid: opening, gap. Space without anycontent which includes the intellectual emptiness as well. The absence of the sense in the existence. [Brockhause Lexikon, Mannheim. 1982]

Uta Schmidt Escher

Uta Schmidt Escher
1960 born in Wiirzburg Married, three grown up children. Studies of art history. Working now as an anthroposophical teacher with handicapped children.
since 02 member ofthe'Kooperative K' in Hagen

For me painting is a very personal matterwhere I express my inner feelings with colours. Sometimes it is an intuitive process, another time I start painting with a particular intention. I'm often surprised by the results.

Rappa Port

Rappa Port
954 bom in Aachen / West-Germany
19'78- 88 educator in a cultural youth centre
Since 1984 self educated artist and sculptor
1989 member of the foundation group of artists called 'Kooperative-K' this group built up a studio and gallery house for artists, which is still working today
1987 -04 Freelance artist and member of the union 'verdi' individual and group exhibitions and art projects

Two artists are fighting within one piece of work. That's not new, but new for me. I'm open for new things, but I want to keep my identity. I want, that the product, we do together, will be perfect, will be one piece of work, but our individual participation should be visible for the user. We walk around each other like cats.
I hope, you will see the result and feel this energy.




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