Eight Days A Week 1998 : The bus project : Tom Wood

Gallary FM Schwarz 4 th- 20th September 1998

Irish photographer Tom Wood's All Zones Off Peak is the culmination of a fifteen-year photographic odyssey around Liverpool. From the simple starting point of photographing from a bus, he has created a Joy scean vision of the city - a complex, lived-in, living reality.Tom Wood shot more than three thousand rolls of film in realising this ambitious and compelling project. From the earliest silver prints, to the recently completed large-scale colour images, it is a remarkable achievement that explores new ground in photography. With a beauty that catches you unawares, the work delivers an extraordinary picture of the ordinary.

For a lot of photographers Tom Wood has been a culture and an inspiration, to the public he is relatively unknown. Starting in the seventies Tom Wood has been photographing the inhabitants of his native town Liverpool. Wood doesn’t aim his camera at the elite, but at the anonymous, hardworking city dweller. The city and its people are inextricably bound up with each other. Tom Woods casual and spontaneous perspective makes his body of work into a true psychological portrait of ‘his’ city.

Tom Wood's art lies in his commitment to the multi-layered lives of the people he depicts. Never sneering at them, or appropriating them for some political cause, Wood's work nevertheless holds a political message. The social realities he portrays are underpinned by the thoughts and dreams of his protagonists; at every instant, the 'real world' is open to transformationAbout the Artist.
Born in Mayo in 1951, Tom Wood grew up in Cowley, Oxford and studied painting at Leicester Polytechnic. He moved to Merseyside in 1978 and has taught photography part-time there and as a visiting lecturer while pursuing long-term photographic projects.

His books include Looking for Love (Cornerhouse / Aperture 1988) and People, a major new book spanning 25 years of work will be published in August by Wienand Verlag, Cologne. His work is represented in major public collections including MOMA New York; International Centre for Photography, New York; and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.



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