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Loop North West (Film Screening).
Monday 20 March 2006.
Artist: Margaretha Schoening, Helena Tomlin, Anne Charnock, Jean Grant, Jason Green, Tony Knox, Dinu Li, Geoff Molyneux, Kath Peters, Paul Rooney, Margaretha Schoening, Sara Snmith and Helena Tomlin. Kultur Bunker Mulheim, Cologne, Germany. A collection of Northwest based artists digital video art screened in Cologne, Germany.

Paul Rooney.

Paul Rooney: I am Going to America

The single voice monologue read by the fanzine writer Alain Chamois, is structured round the motif of circularity, and around three cultural moments; a Herzog film, a Joy Division record and a fictional performance by the artist's own band, Rooney. `I Am Not Going to America' explores our need to link disparate experiences and cultural moments, often through coincidences, in order to produce a sense of meaningfulness. The narratives and imaginative worlds that emerge from popular music and entertainment are also important features of this piece.

Margaretha Schoening

Margaretha Schoening: Uber Wasser

lnspired by Hans Otte's music Margaretha Schoning uses the language of abstract painting to create moving imagery.

Geoff Molyneux.

Geoff Molyneux: Changing Scenery IV.

`Changing Scenery' was initially developed as a collaboration work between Geoff Molyneux and a number of professional dancers, Sylvia Buol, Cecile Dambach, Claudia Reinhard and Maja Ribi at the Werkraum in Basel. Elements of a site specific installation piece created during a residency in Barmouth were incorporated at a later date. The work further evolved as a live art piece at the Werft Gallery in Cologne, performed by Geoff Molyneux with the backing of musician and composer Reinhard Gagel. More recently in collaboration with a Liverpool musician and composer, Colin Heaney, the performance was reworked. The resulting studio images recorded and edited in Manchester and Liverpool were selected, sequenced, timed and combined with audio to create `Changing Scenery IV'.

Jean Grant.

Jean Grant: Full Fathom Five.

The short animation looks at war from the viewpoint of those left behind. It is part of a series called `revisions' and it is a daughter's particular view.

Dinu Li.

Dinu Li: Transformer (After Lou Reed).

Dinu Li's `Transformer' comprises three, home related scenarios. The work demonstrates the parallels between the personas that we project publicly and those that we assume once in the retreat of our own living environments. Portraying our everyday idiosyncrasies alongside a place of warmth, comfort security and shelter, the artist offers us a perfect place in which to let ourselves go, home.

Richard Hughes.

Richard Hughes: When I Get Low.

A film noir' inspired drama about an alcoholic. Over the course of a night and a day, we see him at his lowest ebb, alienated from his loved ones.

Kath Peter: The Door at the Top of the Stairs.

The Door at the Top of the Stairs' is a film about the boundaries that prevent us from being happy, and the search for happiness. Casper sleeps beneath the steps. Each day he wakes and queues for dear life, for salvation, for a future on the other side of the door, and each day he is rejected by the Doorman. What will Casper sacrifice to make his dream a reality?

Jaynie Miller: Hatrick.

`Hatrick' explores a succession of coincidences and is filmed in Liverpool. Jaynie Miller also creates music videos.

Tony Knox.

Tony Knox: 19 Moths Later.

'19 Months Later' is a short film in which Knox is found in a small private woodland that is under threat of being cut down for housing redevelopment. He placed four 8x6 foot mirrors into the structure of an abandoned shed for 5 months, and the mirrors became submerged into the environment. 19 months later, to the very day of his father's death Tony Knox returned to the woodland and produced a pair of scissors. He proceeded to cut off his beard, revealing physical similarities to his father and then adopting his father's clothes and glasses he started to cut away his shoulder length hair. These actions transformed his appearance into the persona of his father. The piece explores a sense of loss and the degeneration of memory.

Sarah Smith: Toe Dance.

Focused movement to describe and generate memory of the body's entire form. Feet cropped and restrained forcing their relationship of support edited to generate a hypnotic moment. Beautiful imagery of the form, producing obscure and impossible shapes set to a constant rhythm that echoes the power of a heartbeat.

Jason Green: Weather Forecast.

Somebody once told me that we don't have a climate in England. I had started to think. Could this explain the way I feel when listening to songs with references to the weather in them.

Ann Charnock: 5813 Characters Detail.

Made up of animated handrawn text Anne Chamock's `5813 Characters Detail' explores digital technology, language and authenticity. This piece comprises a trail of meaningless letters and symbols with a number of short legible phrases. meticulously hand-drawn, `5813 Characters Detail' shows the translation of an image into text which occurred when a GIF image file was imported into a word processing document. At a distance, the work appears to be mechanically produced but on closer inspection the authentic nature of the work is revealed.

Helena Tomlin.

Helen Tomlin: Palace of Tears.

Filmed at the train station Friedrichstrasse in Berlin `Palace of Tears' explores how the present crosses over with the past. The piece suggests that memories are enmeshed in the fabric of the station that and we cannot escape from these, even after borders change, and the fabric of public buildings is renewed. These memories, present in windows, tracks and walls, intersect with the voices of today's travellers.

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