Eight Days A Week 2000 : UP IN THE AIR
4-11th November

Cologne artist Dirk Konigsfeld is one of ten international artists involved in this unique four-week residency project in Liverpool this October.

Up in the Air will engage the local residents of a block of high rise flats, Kenley Close, in Sheil Park, North Liverpool. The residents will be going through a major transition in their Iives.They will literally be moving from having a vertical street to a horizontal one: moving from a high rise block, that has been their home for many years, to new bungalow accommodation on the same site.The objectives of this artist-led project are to get artists from a broad range of media to produce work about the transition.
During the month long residencies, the artists will live and work at Kenley Close, responding to and engaging with the lives of the people on the estate and the spaces they inhabit. Although from a diverse range of practices - including sculpture, photography, comic books, painting and architectural models-the artists share a common interest in transforming everyday information.
Dirk Konigsfeld seeks out homogenous modernist buildings common to every city and photographs these archetypal urban spaces at night. Using street lamps as his only light source he transforms mundane places into images of uncanny visual beauty. Other artists in this Year of the Artist project are Grennan & Sperandio, George Shaw, Kelly Large and Rebecca Shaw, Leo Fitzmaurice, Neville Gabie, Philip Reilly and Chloe Steele.
To see the project in action and to arrange a visit, ring 07940 759245. An exhibition (4-11 November) will mark the end of the artists' residencies and coincide with the evacuation of the block, and a publication will be produced in 2001 with critical texts and input from the residents as a more permanent reminder of this transition.
This project has been developed as an artist-led initiative with the support of Year of the Artist, Liverpool Housing Action Trust, CDS Housing Association, Cruden Construction, Bluecoat Gallery, North West Arts Board



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