Eight Days A Week 2000 : Images By Arbeiterfotografie who is featured in first image.

ÜBER(S)LEBEN IN KÖLN : (Living in Cologne - Surviving in Cologne)
Arbeiterfotografie Köln (Rahim Fathi-Baran, Christian Fiege, Anneliese Fikentscher, Senne Glanschneider, Andreas Neumann, Frank Schöggl und Jürgen Seidel)
Kirkby Unemployed Centre, 6. October - 10. November 2000
(Faces of a City) und Klassenfahrt - unterwegs in Kölner Stadtteilen (Class tour)

ÜBER(S)LEBEN IN KöLN - Kirkby Unemployed Centre, Liverpool, 2000 (Andreas Neumann)


ÜBER(S)LEBEN IN KöLN - Kirkby Unemployed Centre, Liverpool, 2000


Arbeiterfotografie: ÜBER(S)LEBEN IN KöLN - Kirkby Unemployed Centre, Liverpool, 2000

All photographic images by Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann.(c) 2000

Uber(s)leben in Koln is a collaboration between 14 members of the Arbeiterfotografie and 44 Cologne writers. The resulting exhibition was first shown in 1992 in Cologne's Central Library, and now two of the photographers involved, Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann, bring the work to Kirkby Unemployed Centre.
How do we approach city life?

What defines a city?

Why should we take a critical look at city life at all?

And how do we make sense of it?

These questions were the starting point for this project in which text and images are combined as equally important, so that the text is not reduced to being merely a narrative explanation of the photographs. The aim is to create a dialectic tension which is thought provoking.
The objection could be raised: what has all that got to do with Cologne? A lot of what is depicted could be found in other cities. With regards to the writing, it does not deal with problems of a city, let alone with those of Cologne. In fact, when the exhibition was shown in Magdeburg, the director of the theatre there remarked, "A lot of these pictures could have been taken here." In fact the artists' aim is to use an example of one city to reflect society, the social system as a whole, and make the viewer think.
In Cologne the response to the exhibition was positive, not only from the visitors but also from the press. An extract of the Kolner Stadtanzeiger says, "The group Arbeiterfotografie embraces the whole variety and contradictions of Cologne with a sense for the 'trivial' of life and, more importantly, they always stand on the side of the so called 'common people'." And that is exactly how Arbeiterfotografie, literally workers' photography, started in the 1920s. The Cologne workers' photographers follow this tradition in a down to earth as well as a poetic way.



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