Eight Days A Week 2000 : ART-GAINS (Kunstgewinn) : Static Gallery.
7. - 28. Oktober 2000

Cologne in Liverpool 6th October - 10th November, 2000
All photographic images by Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann.(c) 2000

Artist : Jürgen Bahrs, Isabella Devinast, Frieda Funke, Andreas Hagedorn, Georg Reck, Daniel Röricht, Thomas Schäkel, Christiane G Schmidt, Julia Schneider, Bernd Straub-Molitor, Tine Wille


Static Gallery
Art-Gains - Static Gallery, Liverpool, 2000

Friday 6 October will see the opening of an exhibition called Art-Gains at Liverpool's Static gallery. The exhibition will present the work of 11 artists who share and manage together an exhibition space in Cologne (pictured above). Entitled Kunstgewinn, it started in 1997 when 10 artists decided to create a space where they could exhibit, experiment, perform and sell art, of their own and of others. Kunstgewinn translated means Art-Gains. The name expresses the ambiguity of the artist who rega Js art as part of personal growth, and at the same time wants to make a profit with it.

Art-Gains - Static Gallery, Liverpool, 2000 (Gallerist Paul Sullivan)

Kunstgewinn currently consists of 11 members: Julia Schneider, Jurgen Bahrs, Christiane G Schmidt, Isabella Devinast, Frieda Funke, Bernd Straub-Molitor, Andreas Hagedorn, Thomas Schakel, Tine Wille, George Reck and Daniel R6hricht. They finance exhibitions, invitations, mailings and openings through a monthly fee and help from sponsors, who in return are rewarded with multiples. As a group they do not see themsejves in competition with conventional galleries, rather they locate themselves between the studio and the gallery. They want to give art and artists a space in which to experiment. As well as creating artworks, they also operate professionally in areas such as photography, the film industry, illustration, graphic design, consultancy services to business to improve communication and team skills, teaching, marketing and advertising. Some of these activities are run from Kunstgewinn where office space is available and dark room facilities have been established.


Their connection with Liverpool began in 1998 through their involvement in the first Eight Days A Week, when they invited Liverpool based artist Julian Gillespie to exhibit at their venue. As a result of this they
As a result of this most recent trip there has been an application made for European funding towards a collaboration between Kunstgewinn, The Hub Collective (based in Liverpool), and two similar groups, one in Holland, and one in Poland. The project would see each of the four groups visit each other's city to look at the way visual communication can be used as an aid to learning, understanding and exchanging ideas in an international context. The collaboration will result in a presentation in Brussels in Spring 2001. Their exhibition at Static will mark the beginning of this collaboration and exchange.

Tine Wille

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