Eight Days A Week 2000 : DISTANZIERUNGEN 1: Vorgärten (click for link) .
Ellen Keusen, REISE, Anna E. Stärk
Blackborne House, 6. - 27. October 2000DISTANZIERUNGEN

image: Anna E Stark "Reise"1998
Image : Ellen Keusen "Grobe Zeichnung 1' (3.v) 800 steel rods 1991
Ellen Keusen: Distanzierungen - Blackborne House, Liverpool, 2000


The Cologne painter and photographer Anna E Stark works in Cologne and Berlin. As a freelance artist and art therapist, she has been able to realise her dream, transforming her studio over the past 15 years into a meeting place for people interested in art, a place to talk about art and to strike up artistic collaborations with others.
At the centre of Stark's work are human beings and their social context. She prefers to use simple black and white photography rather than the "beautifying glamour" of colour. She says of her work, "My art fulfills its potential when it can touch the viewer, which means it invites emotional participation or encourages engagement. Therefore art as language helps to communicate and has informative as well as therapeutic capacities. In my artistic work I concentrate or social issues, taking the experienced world of the individual as
a starting point."
In Liverpool (at Blackburne House) she is exhibiting the series entitled Reise, images of travellers on trains and at stations, which symbolise at the same time a journey into the human psyche. These pictures are not bound to a particular place. They demonstrate movement, be it emotional or within one's mind. These journeys, reflected in the faces of the travellers, encompass reunions and good byes on the station platform, suggesting stages of life. The exhibition shows the perception of travellers caught in a picture story, reflecting the gaze of instant impressions of landscapes, situations at stations, and people.
For some time now I have been exploring how signs relate to each other. In 1989 I produced a series of drawings, The hole and its rin and in 1992-4 another series, About space between things. Out of this last group- about 200 drawings in all -one particular aspect evolved: what exactly happens at the border between black and white? I wanted to make drawings which show the transition without a visible break. Whilst exploring this question I was more and more drawn to its utopian dimension. On paper I can realise something impossible to do in the three dimensional sphere.
As a rule the existing barrier between bodies cannot be removed. For example we deal consciously with barriers regarding our own body, our own self. We signal through gestures and mime when we feel restricted or mark the space we need. Front gardens reflect various ways devised by the occupants to create a transition zone between their private and public space. The work I am showing at Blackburne House deals with that zone. I am also interested to find out how the front gardens in Liverpool differ from those in Cologne.
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All photographic images by Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann.(c) 2000



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