Eight Days A Week 2000 : MADE IN KÖLN (click for link) .
Inge Hueber, Angelika Kissing, Sophie Kreidt, Veronika Moos-Brochhagen, Helga Reay-Young
The View, Gostins Building, 7. Oktober - 9. November 2000

Postcard of made in koln
Gostins Building Liverpool 2000


“made in Köln” The view, Gostins Building, Liverpool


Made in Köln - The View, Gostins Building, Liverpool, 2000 Gallerist Ken Martin

We are a group of committed artists from Cologne. We work with different materials: clay, cloth, metal, glass and timber. We came together as a group joined by the contrasting and stimulating experience of developing our ideas, not only by fantasy and intuition, but also by the characteristics of the material we work with. It is this element of tension that connects us. We say about our work.
"The idea of my art- proceeding from a geometric form - is to create abstract sculpture" (Angelika Kissing). "Sophie Kreidt (top right) finds many materials inspiring for her work: stones, earth, rusty scrap-iron, timber... Her sculptures give them a new order and significance." "Textile material - coloured cloth which I dye myself - speaks to me in a very direct special language" (Inge Hueber). "Tying and un-tying shapes-the process of solidification and form of a pliant and versatile medium" (Veronika Moos-Brochhagen). "In my work I use man-made and natural materials in combination with glass, creating contemplative statements on protection and fragility" (Helga Reay-Young, above).
Through our work we seek artistic exchange in Liverpool, the first and oldest sister-city of Cologne. In the year 2002 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of this partnership. It is our aim to present our group of artists and their work in 2000 in order to establish contacts in Liverpool for 2002. Personal interactions will reveal both parallels and contrasts in traditions and techniques. We look forward to an artistically fascinating creative cooperation. The stimuli from one region promote the ideas of the other region. We would like to contribute and be part of the growing European cultural exchange by developing a long-term concept of working and exhibiting together.

statement about future collaborations projects

In October, 2000 we have joined the initiative "Eight days a week" and in the gallery "The View" in Liverpool have organized an exhibit of our works. During our stay in Liverpool we had a meeting with Liverpool colleagues where we got to know ourselves and attached contacts. Each of us inhabitants of Cologne has found a partner with whom she worked up to May, 2002 on an artistic project.

Veronika Moos-Brochhagen with Lin Holland/Helga Reay-Young with Elisabeth Stuart-Smith. Inge Hueber with Su Chacewicz, Anglika Kissing with Justine Cook . Sophie Kreidt with Patricia MacKinnon-Day .
Our five partners have founded in Liverpool the group “ found in Liverpool ”.

eight days a week,Exhibition program (click red for page).

All photographic images by Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann.(c) 2000



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