Eight Days A Week 2002 : Liverpool Cologne 50th Twinning Anniversary 2002 exhibitions & events program

Bryan Biggs, Director of Bluecoat Arts Center.

Introduces Eight Days A Week:
an art exchange project between Liverpool and Cologne taking place between May-September 2002. A leading European center for art, Cologne has major museum collections, an unparalleled commercial gallery scene and a large community of artist. Liverpool, with its national collections at the Walker, the Tate and the Biennial-the UK's largest modern contemporary art event - has a growing reputation in the visual arts.

Unsurprisingly, art has therefore been an important element of the twinning, most recently through Eight Days A Week, a unique program of exhibitions, residencies, films, performances and publications involving in the past four years alone over 60 artists and many more workshop participant.

This year sees artists from Liverpool and Cologne visiting each other's cities in a series of exhibitions and events encompassing crafts, video, painting, installation, photography, architecture, printmaking, digital media and performance involving galleries, colleges, artist' spaces, civic buildings and the internet. Audiences will be able to see the fruits of the creative collaboration in the following programme:

Eight Days A Week : Welcomes by the Leaders of the city's.


Cologne carnival 9-12th February 2002
Cologne hosted 20 paraders promoting Liverpool's Capital Culture bid at their Annual Carnival, televised across Germany and attended by 1.5million people.


Liverpool Chambers of commerce visit 24th - 27th May 2002
LCCI have been invited by the City Council of Cologne to participate in an Exhibition that will include a display of the links between the Chamber's youth training company, Mersey Chamber Training Limited and its local partners BBZ and Berufskolleg Sudstadt. ____________________________________________________________________________

Renewal of Civic Twinning Ceremony in Cologne 24th - 27th May 2002

To be attended by Lord Mayor and Lady Mayors, where an official twinning document will be signed in Cologne. This event will be used as an opportunity to promote Liverpool's aspiration to be European Capital of Culture for 2008. During the Civic visit, Cologne will host a 2 day workshop related to culture and job creation themes. ____________________________________________________________________________

Ecumenical pilgrimages to Cologne May - July 2002
This Springtime sees the reawakening of a grand ecumenical vision. The churches of Liverpool will remake contact with the churches of Cologne on two occasions in May. The first visit, 4th - 11 th May, will be in response to an invitation from Cologne Church for Liverpool ecumenical representatives to be present at the 200th Anniversary Celebrations of the Cologne Protestant Church. The second visit will support the Civic delegation to Cologne, to be led by the Lord and Lady Mayors. The Pilgrimage will take place from 22nd -28th May and will include a Festival Sunday Service.

The Cologne churches will make a return visit to Liverpool from July 20 - 27th, to be hosted by the Dean of the Anglican Cathedral and Liverpool partner church representatives.


Cologne liverpool Art exhibitions May - September 2002

A development of Cologne and Liverpool artists' exchanges, coordinated via a consortium of artists led by the Bluecoat Gallery and the Cologne Federation of Visual Arts.
Jawne in Cologne Exhibition October 2002

This exhibition details the history of the first Jewish Grammar School in the Rhine and it arose out of the sadness that traces the lives and experiences of some of the former pupils of Die Jane Zu Koln'. Many pupils whose lives were inextricably touched by their escape to
Liverpool, Manchester and London.


Art in education projects July - August 2002

Euforia International Youth Exchange Project - Hope Street Limited are hosting 12 countries including Cologne to deliver a performance and parade during the Queen's visit and the Spirit of Friendship Festival.


Cologne Chambers of commerce and the British consulate
September/early October 2002

To visit Cologne and Dusseldorf over this period. Several Liverpool companies have already expressed interest and Liverpool Chamber aim to create a party of around 20 companies. This will also be supported by the DTI through the Export Explorer Programme.


Mayor Schramma of Cologne
viset 22nd - 25th July 2002

Mayor Schramma and a delegation of officers, from Cologne's Municipality plan to visit Liverpool to coincide with the Queen's Jubilee visit to the city in July. A program of visits paying particular attention to youth, arts and culture and job creation activities, will form a major part of his tour of the city.

Businesses seeking to trade with Germany .Cologne
21st - 23rd November 2002

Arrangements are being made by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the North West Training Council to attend the above event with an Exhibition Stand promoting youth training links and products and services available through Liverpool businesses seeking to trade with Germany.

Kloned -ST. Edwards college Physical theatre
tuesday July 23rd 2002 St. Georges Hall Liverpool

A piece of representational physical theatre that reflects the cultural and social relationships between Liverpool and Cologne that has been active for over 50 years.


Cologne Chambers of commerce.

To be attended by Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, where an official twinning document will be signed in Cologne. This event will be used as an opportunity to promote Liverpool's aspiration to be European Capital of Culture for 2008. During the Civic visit, Cologne will host a 2day workshop related to culture and job creation themes.


Liverpool chambers of international trade exhibition
24th-27th may 2002

Cologne Chamber have been invited intend to attend the event with an Exhibition Stand which will acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of the Twinning and promote German companies, who will also be in the City for a period of a week meeting with Liverpool companies.


Neil Morris & Paul Davidson : Two English Men in Cologne - Hat der Teufel Einen Sohn
Graph ikwerkstatt, Cologne
25 May- 21 June.
Opening: 24.5.2002 at 20.00 o'clock

Two printmakers teaching at Liverpool Art School / John Moores University present an exhibition of prints as part of a continuing exchange with Cologne printmakers from Graph ikwerkstatt.Neil Morris, Paul Davidson,
seriousness only if it is a matter of informing her students in the technology of the printing. Otherwise they attack everything, also the exchange with the Cologne artists who should be also invited in future again to exhibits in the Hope Street Gallery.


Padraig Timoney and Neville Gabie : Bluecoat Gallery
8th August-8th September 2002

BBK, Cologne Exhibition from Bluecoat Gallery, comprising Timoney's paintings and Gabie's photos of improvised goalposts from around the world.


'Collaborators' Neil Morris & Tracy Brown Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz
Hope Street Gallery, Liverpool Art School 14 - 27 June 2002
Private View: June 25, 5.30 - 8.OOpm

Liverpool Art School and `Eight Days a Week' presents artists' from Liverpool and Cologne who make collaborative paintings, printmaking and drawing to mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the town's twinning.


Moltkerei Video Screening / workshop.
`Moltkerie Galerie', Koln 2002
Moltkestrasse 8, 50674 COLOGNE.
3rd May - 11th May, 2002
Open: Monday to Friday : 3 - 6, Saturday: 1- 3

Simon Gross, Rebecca Reid, Peter Wobser
In the videotapes of three graduates Liverpool kind of School and the University of Central Lancashire so different elements meet like the typically English humor, the interpersonal behavior, the omnipresent supervision by video and a meditation about the symbolic salary of the classical architecture of Saint George's Hall.


Made in Cologne / Found in Liverpool
3rd May - 29th May, 2002
Opening: 3.5.2002 at 16.00 o'clock

Five artists from Cologne Inge Hueber, Angelika Kissing, Sophie Kreidt, Veronika Moos-Brochhagen and Helga Reay-Young founded the group „ made in Cologne “ to call an art project in the life which should remind especially of the 50-year-old Städtpartnerschaft.


The View Two Gallery , Made in Cologne / Found in Liverpool
23 Mathew Street, Liverpool
13th June – 25th July, 2002 (opening: 12th June, 2002)
open: Thursday – Saturday 12.00-16.00 o:clock

Five artists from Cologne Inge Hueber, Angelika Kissing, Sophie Kreidt, Veronika Moos-Brochhagen and Helga Reay-Young founded the group „ made in Cologne “ to call an art project in the life which should remind especially of the 50-year-old Städtpartnerschaft.


Paul Sullivan: Coincidence II / 2002
Cultural centre Ignis, Elsa-Brändström-Str.6, 50668 Cologne
4th May – 31st May, 2002
Opening: 3.5.2002 at 20.00 o'clock

An exhibit together with artists from Germany, Poland, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey
The work with the title "Scale" connects drawing and architecture.


Tenantspin Webcast
Wednesday 5 June, 2-3 pm Webcast

tenantspin is the UK's only tenant-run Internet TV channel. Join its web cast between Liverpool and Cologne as tenants discuss pensioners' activism across Europe. Information: Alan Dunn, tenant spin Super channel Manager at FACT, dunn@fact.co.uk and www.tenantspin.org


Kiinstwerk goes Liverpool.
8-16 June : Jump Ship Rat, Liverpool

Paintings, drawings and sculpture from Cologne's artist-run venue, KOnstwerk, plus a programme (8-15 June) of electronic music, DJs, video and performance. Artists comprise: Anne Cichos, Armin Kuehne, Fabian Hochscheid, John Miller, Jilrgen Bub, Jung-Suk Ruy, Kalman Varady, Laurens Schneider, Manfred Gabriel, Marc Dueveneck, Martina Puetz, Sergej Sologub, Angelica Schubert, Omiwas Lodi, DJ Eiken, Doris MOcke, Frank Christian Stoffel, Georg Heike, Thilo Skusa, Ewa Latoszek and Michael Mikena. Programme details from the gallery.

Internet collaboration: Geoff Molyneux (Liverpool) and Wolfgang Lüttgen (Cologne)
7 0 -21 June, The Door, Liverpool

Geoff Molyneux & Wolfgang Liittgens: Collaboration Exhibition showing the results of an ongoing collaborative artwork created through email, occasional telephone conversations and rare studio visits between Geoff Molyneux in Liverpool and Wolfgang Luttgens in Cologne


Greeting from Cologne of Rita, Ruth and Georg: Huyton Gallery , Liverpool 2002.
`Grusse aus Koln von Rita, Ruth und Georg'
2nd July – 8th September, Huyton Gallery, Liverpool
Exhibition of Koln Artists curated by Pete Clarke as part of the fiftieth anniversary of Koln and Liverpool's cultural connections selected the German artists Ruth Gilberger, Georg Gartz and Rita Rohlfing for the Huyton Gallery, Knowsley.


Geoff Molyneux: Land slides (installation)
August – 11th August Opening 2nd Auguest at 20.00 o'clock
Bonn embankment Shipyard, Cologne

Geoff Molyneux is a traveller between the worlds, for him the borders are fluent between painting, object art and action art. For this new installation uses Molyneux the photo material of earlier projects which he projects on a construction from chairs and tables. ______________________________________________________________________________

Gorilla Tactics II : Jump Ship Rat Gallery
1st -31st August
Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 127-129, 51063. Cologne

The opening exhibit of the Liverpool gallery Jump Ship rat in 2001 was a living mixture of happening with installation, created by the artists of the gallery Ben Parry and Robert McCafferty and guest's artists from Paris and Glasgow. Now to the one-year-old existence they want to present in the Cologne piece of art the action „ gorilla of Tactics II “, together with the artists Jacques Chauchat, Emma Neilson, to Yabon Paname, Sandrine Peyroux, Myriam Tahir and Guillaume.


Photography and picture collages of Wolfgang Luettgens and Geof Molyneux
Gladbacher street.44, 50672 . Cologne
1 August - 6th September


Spheres :Veronika Moos-Brochhagen
March 2002
Moos used the same exhibition room in Ignis and manufactured an installation with the title: “ This work responded to the previous work from Lin Holland.


Beniamin Patterson Liverpool Biennial 2002
Liverpool John Moores University & University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

A project organised by Pete Clarke, Colin Fallows, Liverpool Art School and Geoff Molyneux, Liverpool City College to present work, a lecture programme and performance by international renowned `Fluxus' artist Benjamin Patterson in October & November 2002. Patterson is a classically trained musician from the USA who is now based in Wiesbaden.




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