Eight Days A Week : Greeting from Cologne of Rita, Ruth and Georg:
Huyton Gallery , Liverpool 2nd July – 8th September, 2002

Exhibition of Koln Artists curated by Pete Clarke as part of the fiftieth anniversary of Koln and Liverpool's cultural connections selected the German artists Ruth Gilberger, Georgo Gartz and Rita Rohlfing for the Huyton Gallery, Knowsley.

`Grusse aus Koln von Rita, Ruth und Georg 'Since 1952 Liverpool and the German city of Cologne have been linked in a sister city partnership.
2002 therefore marks the 50th anniversary of this relationship, a twinning that has brought these two historic ports, together in Cultural dialogue.


Georgo Gartz

Huyton Gallery celebrates this fiftieth anniversary, through the `Eight Days A Week' project. Liverpool artist Pete Clarke has specially curated this exhibition for the Gallery, selecting 3 artists from Cologne."Cologne has a more publicly confident, understood and assimilated audience for contemporary art thus giving artists a breathing space to explore their individual concerns, sensibilities and practices. The artists selected for this exhibition are very different in their temperament and method but they share particular priorities in the celebration of making.


Rita Rohlfing

" Pete Clarke Gartz is a painter who explores the language and significance of pictorial space, through layerings of colour, application and surface. Gilberger makes inventive and evocative sculptures from decorative papers and contemporary wrapping materials. Rohlfing sculpts dynamic wall based constructions and floor pieces from sheet metal celebrating the vibrancy of colour, material and surface.

Ruth Rohlfing

E-mail: arts.galleries.dlcs@knowsley.gov.uk

The exhibition runs until 8th September 2002 Refreshments Served.
For further information please contact Knowsley Arts Service.

The private view featured a slide presentation and discussion exploring the history and development of the artists' initiative `Eight days a week' since its beginning in 1998. This presentation and forum expanded on the cultural links between Liverpool and Koln and included talks by Pete Clarke and Bryan Biggs, Director Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool. This project was included in the `European City of Culture 2008' bid for Great Britain and was formally opened by the Lord Mayors of Liverpool, Sefton and Cologne.

Three artists of this exhibit are very different in her kind on the one hand, however, are similar in the striving to try out new methods and materials to create something that one can call in the highest litre of beer aesthetic. Three artists have a distinctive feel for space and room and develop with it new drafts for objects which have a strong harmonious radiation. Georg Gartz is a painter who develops picturesque rooms in his pictures with a clear language and goes in his installations with strong colors and forms to the space. The picturesque works shown in this exhibit are built up from tender color surfaces which allow to foresee depth and allow to foresee the experience of scenery.

The objects of Ruth Gilberger are amazingly easy in her effect and unexpectedly strongly in her spatial presence. They are built up from paper in countless layers and are sharpened in lasting for days work flatly like stone. Their organic forms offer space for many associations. Rita Rohlfing creates with new, contemporary materials installations which give to the color Space and the rooms a quite new Ästetik. Their wall objects and bottom parts live on the tension between material, color and surface..




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