Eight Days A Week :The View Two Gallery ,
Made in Koln/Liverpool
23 Mathew Street,
13th June – 25th July, 2002

"We want to build bridges."
Veronika Moos-Brochhagen with Lin Holland/Helga Reay-Young with Elisabeth Stuart-Smith. Inge Hueber with Su Chacewicz, Anglika Kissing with Justine Cook . Sophie Kreidt with Patricia MacKinnon-Day .
Our five partners have founded in Liverpool the group “ found in Liverpool ”

Sophie Kreidt

Cologne artists have got to know themselves with common exhibits and see a supplement of her artistic main focuses in her constellation:
Us connects that we develop our images not only from imagination and intuition, but in the same litre of beer from the qualities of the materials used by us. Common reference points are the haptische feeling of the material as well as the conversion of the artistic idea in a sculptural form experienceable from several points of view. This is the tension curve which carries our group.

Lord Mayor of Liverpool

The content challenge to the Cologne artists makes at first an intensive trace search at the place necessary. This closes grasping of occurences and reports of experience to travel questioning of contemporary witnesses and the readiness, to Liverpool, with one. The artistic discussion requires from us sensitivity and criticism. Multi-layered artistic reflections are to be shown not only reflections of contemporary art currents, but at the same time necessary creative attempt, recollection, present and future.

Patricia MacKinnon-Day
Lin hollard

A personal exchange with Liverpool colleagues will indicate parallels and contrasts in dealing with different traditions and technologies - catalysts for a future, towns-fair cooperation.We hope to do justice by our personal meetings and experiences in Liverpool, as well as the Liverpool artists in Cologne, by our common works and by the suggested exhibit of the meaning of the town partnership Cologne - Liverpool.




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