Eight Days A WeeK 2002 : WILLKOMMEN! by Mayor Sharmma.

The roots of the city partnership between Cologne and Liverpool go back a long way.
Liverpool has a historic significance for the cathedral city, because the city on the Mersey was Cologne's first partner city. May 2002, marks the 50th anniversary of our joint path into a European future.
The completion of a half-century is both a reason for celebration and a reason for reflection.

At the time when contacts between our two cities began, many of our citizens wishes for the future were still just visions. In those days, the removal of mistrust between Germany and England was rightly seen as the most important task. Even at that time however, the idea behind this partnership process was that one day our contributions would make a peaceful and free Europe a living reality.

Today, 50 years after the founding of the Cologne-Liverpool city partnership, we can honestly say: we have done our job! The objective of a unified Europe, which is home to all of us, is as good as attained. And from my point of view, we can proudly say: our two cities have made their contribution to this unity.

The partnership between Cologne and Liverpool has developed into one of the most intensive which the city on the Rhine maintains. For 50 years, regular meetings between children and young people have taken place, exchanges of young craftsmen/women also provide young people with vocational insights "beyond their own backyard", and other focal points lie in the areas of sport and music. In the area of art too, there are many joint initiatives. Particularly remarkable here is the "Eight-Days-A-Week" artists' project within the framework of which regular reciprocal visits, exhibitions and seminars have been taking place in our two cities since 1998.


Eight Days A Week : WELCOME, A message from Councillor Edwin Clein,The Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

As a city whose prosperity was built on its trading connections with the rest of the world, Liverpool has many long established international connections. Our reputation throughout the world is also inextricably bound to our cultural exports, most notably popular music and sport. Although the mercantile shipping links have changed considerably since the city´s heyday as a port, interest in the Beatles and Liverpool´s seminal place in popular culture continues to grow. And in recent years we have established twinning relationships with partner cities such as New York, Dublin and Shanghai, all places with strong cultural identities. These new links are expressions of Liverpool's new confidence as it enters the new Millennium.

lt is, therefore, appropriate to celebrate in 2000 our earliest cultural partnership, the sister city link with the German city of Cologne, established in 1952. Liverpool is delighted to present Eight Days A Week, a programme of contemporary art from one of Europe's premier cultural cities which has a world-wide reputation for its wealth of galleries, museums, concert halls and other artistic attractions, On behalf of the people of Liverpool I am pleased to welcome our friends from Cologne to our city, and hope that this event will lead to further exchanges between our unique cities as we approach 2002 when we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our partnership and our cultural links will be further consolidated.
I wish the exhibitions and events every success.


Eight Days A Week : Welcome by the Leader of Liverpool City Council
Councilor Mike Storey and Lord Major of Liverpool, Councilor Jack Springgs.

Liverpool, like Cologne, is widely recognised as one of Europe's great cities.
We have many things in common. A rich and influential past and vibrant present.
Both cities are dominated by a river- in our case the Mersey. It has helped make us culturally diverse. You will find people of many races, creeds and religions in Liverpool. We are the 'World in One City'.
Liverpool has many international connections. The longest and most established is with Cologne. A relationship that has been led through an exchange of our arts and cultural industries.
The bid for Liverpool to become European Capital of Culture for 2008 and Colognes bid for 2010, demonstrates to the rest of the world how the cultural link between our sister cities makes us open to new ideas from around the world.
We were delighted that we were able to share Liverpool's rich cultural diversity at the beginning of our Jubilee with a group of paraders from Liverpool representing the City at Cologne's Karneval in February.
We are pleased to return that hospitality and welcome our friends from Cologne to Liverpool and hope that this yearlong programme of cultural dialogue will continue to flourish well into the future.
We wish the exhibitions, performances and business events every success.



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