Eight Days A WeeK 2002 : Padraig Timoney and Neville Gabie : Bluecoat Gallery & BBK, Cologne
8th August-8th September 2002,

Exhibition from Bluecoat Gallery, comprising Timoney's paintings and Gabie's photos of improvised goalposts from around the world.

Neville Gabie:Images of Posts

Neville Gabie, of Stroud, Berkshire, MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, who has worked in sculpture and photography, including projects on the changes of specific places including Middlesbrough FC's former stadium Ayresome Park, now a Wimpey housing estate, and for a Tate Liverpool residence Up In The Air, working in a condemned Liverpool tower block part of the eight days a week program.

Gabie uses domestic furniture as a vehicle by which to explore the city. Together these works describe Gabie’s continuing interest in urban landscape, issues of displacement, and cultural value, his penguin book of improvised goalpost from around the world.

Padraig Timoney "Muammar Qaddafi/Wahid Dinar

Padriag Timoney was born in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1968. He studied at St Martins School of Art and Goldsmiths College London. Timoney uses a variety of media and materials in his work, including photographs, paintings and installation. Timoney¹s work, informed by the way meaning is constructed in and through art, juxtaposes concepts and languages to create layers of signification which viewers are invited to disentangle. Looking at his work is, therefore, not a passive act but an examination of our own linguistic and visual skills. Recent exhibitions include The Hunter Became the Hunted - Laure Gennillard London (1998), and London Calling at The British School in Rome (1998) and The British Art Show 5 (2000). Padraig Timoney lives and works in Liverpool.


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