Eight Days A Week 2004 : Maleri Aus Liverpool : VHS Koln & Liverpool Biennial 2004.
New Painting from Liverpool Based Artists : Curated by Pete Clarke

Malerei aus Liverpool curated by Pete Clarke

Including work Pete Clarke, Neil Morris and by artists from Arena Studios - James Buso, Julie Jones, Paul Luckraft and Sue Milburn.

And so to making paintings again, we are now told that there are no totalities left with no bigger pictures to believe in.
But even so, does it matter, what creative fictions or personal attributes would be necessary to sustain artists making paintings as a viable form of contemporary practice in a media saturated culture?
Stubbornness and obstinacy certainly, the ability to allow for contradiction, to be constant and also to embrace change, an idea of process, development and even destruction and an overriding and illogical sense of confidence that there are still meanings to be made and representations to be fought for.

And maybe just doing it is enough, sustaining your own curious logic, contriving visual events to let things happen, and perhaps that is what these Liverpool artists represented here are trying to do.

'Eight days a Week' would like to personally thank Liverpool Art School, Lubaina Himid and The University of Central Lancashire, Preston and Roger Morris. P H. Holt Trust fortheir generosity and confidence in supporting this current project in New Painting.

Arena Art & Design Association is a non-profit making, charitable organisation, who are aiming to provide affordable studio space to artists, designers and musicians in Liverpool city centre. Along side this primary aim is the desire to create a dialogue between these practitioners and a wider audience through lectures, workshops and exhibitions. Towards this end Arena members have recently established a gallery space within the studio complex, providing a vital outlet for diverse forms of creative activity.

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English Artists

Pete Clarke

Pete Clarke : Painting and poetic text suggesting modernity and history memory and loss buried in an aesthetic confection. Pete studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic and Chelsea School of Art; he has exhibited extensively in the UK and Europe with recent exhibitions in Cologne. Hagen, Wiesbaden and Simonskall in Germany and Rome. He is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston and he is co organiser of'eight days a week', the artists' initiative arranging reciprocal exhibitions and projects, he also makes collaborative paintings with Cologne artist Georg Gartz.

James Buso

James Buso : The photographs that form the basis of the work presented here, are the products of a combination of a cheap automatic camera, patience and a degree of luck. My interest in photography lies in both its accidental and incidental nature. My subject is the information people disregard in such photos and I try to focus on what goes unnoticed in our day to day which on closer inspection merits more attention. My intention is to make work that makes people look at their surroundings, so they can see not what they expect but what is actually there, not an ugly industrial scene but a graceful silhouette against a blue sky, or the reflected vista echoed in a fleeting glimpse of suburbia.
James Buso was born in Los Angeles in 1972 and immigrated to rural Cheshire in 1984. It is through this contrast in environment that he became interested in the landscape and our perceptions of it. On completing his studies at John Moore's University he stayed on in Liverpool taking a studio at Arena. Much of his recent work has focused both on travelling through the local area and the mountains of North Wales. As well as his own practice James helps manage the studio group and helps organise shows for the recently created exhibition space.

Paul Luckraft

Paul Luckraft : The series of paintings featured in the exhibition originate from photographs of TV'white noise'. The flickering points of light on screen are translated into thick blobs, smears and drips of paint sealed behind layers of varnish. This physical, tactile quality creates a distance from the flat photographic source allowing for an investigation of the painting process.
Whilst employing a kind of surface seduction the work questions notions of the spiritual or expressive traditionally associated with abstraction. A response to an environment of media saturation and image overload, I am interested in making paintings that are simultaneously full yet empty.
Born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in 1978. Studied Fine Art at John Moore's University, Liverpool, graduating in 2001 with First Class BA [Hons] and selected for'Northem Graduates'. The New Academy Gallery. London. A member of Arena Studios, Paul has recently been involved in the creation of a gallery space within the building and the organisation of a series of projects in the venue. As well as these activities, Paul works at the new FACT Centre in Liverpool, and has continued to exhibit his paintings in shows across the UK.

Julie Jones

Julie Jones: The paintings aim to use the sensory and seductive qualities of colour. light and texture to reflect the very nature of how we experience things and how experience can be represented.
Julie was born in 1973 in Cheshire and studied Fine Art 1996 at Nottingham Trent. Now works in Arena Studios, Liverpool. Exhibitions include Pompa 98 in Nottingham, 1998, Solo show, Unfamiliar Territory at NXN Gallery in Liverpool 1998, Solo Show Beluga Barand Egg Gallery 1999, Dynamics in Colour, joint show at Hanover Gallery Liverpool 2001. Sefton Open 2001 and 2002. Liverpool Biennial Independent 1999 and at Free Market, Independent. 2002. Northwest artists, Brussels, 2002/3. Arena Group show 2003. Ongoing exhibitions at Artzu Gallery Manchester including The Affordable Art Fair, London 2004. Commissions include Stevenson Bell Architects 1998 and 2000, The Paint Stop, 2002, and LBK architects 2004. My work is both an investigation into the process of painting and a search for images I find poetic or evocative of a state of mind. I often make reference to landscape and natural phenomena in mywork, exploring the continuing relevance of landscape as a poetic image. I am interested in the ever-changing relationship we have with the world around us, the spiritual, emotional and historic significance of place.


SUE MILBURN: "Sat upstairs, waiting for the guests to arrive, sunday evening parties. Crap game earlier, we lost 2:1 to Southampton. I just got some crisps, I'm that bored. But not irritatingly bored. I get to paint tomorrow."
Sue Milbum was born in Liverpool in 1973. She is an active member of Arena Studios. After completing her foundation she went on to graduate from the University of Humberside before returning to study at the University of Liverpool, and Liverpool John Moore's University. She has spent the following years gaining experience as a Curator & Photographer and a practicing artist. Exhibitions and projects have included Creative LETS, Drawlab, Liverpool Biennial and her new joint venture Red Dot Exhibitions at venues across the north of England.
As a artist is shown at The View Galleries, Jump Ship Rat, the Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport, Egg Space Gallery Kirby and Huyton Galleries, Blundell Street Gallery The World of Glass, The Walker Art Gallery The Citadel in St Helens and Gallery Azure in Cheshire. Her work is an evocative and expressive exploration of the significance of colour, formal experimentation and visual metaphors.

Neil Morris

Neil Morris : In our memories we return again and again to events of personal importance. They resonate with us for different reasons and become our concrete histories. In this most recent of work I am continuing to tryto make sense of a personal history, perhaps it's a kind of timeline- but the clocks keep stopping. Memories are made of this. Neil Morris has exhibited extensively in the UK and Europe with recent exhibitions in Cologne and Hagen. Germany, Orebro Castle in Sweden and further afield at the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai. He has been included in many publications and has curated several exhibitions including 'Graphic Authorship -Artists in Print'. He continues to make collaborative artworks with his partner, Tracey Brown and is the Head of Printmaking, Liverpool School of Art, JMU.

Crash : Materei Aus Liverpool is complimented by CRASH : An exhibition of Collaborative artworks curated by Georg Gartz Including work by Georg Gartz and Pete Clarke Geoff Molyneux and Wotfgang Lottgens Nefl Morris and Tracey Brown Lin Holland and Veronika Moos
Ergebnisse kUnstierischerZusammenarbeit
VHS K61n-Lindenthat 23.4.2004 - 20.6.2004
VHS Lindenthal, Aachener Str.

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