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Eight Days A Week 2001 :Kunstwerk'Chatting with colours' : Koln October & November 2001.
Georg Gartz & Pete Clarke

The exhibition at Kunstwerk included twelve recent paintings made collaboratively with Georg Gartz in the studios at Uclan and an installation made of twenty previous collaborative paintings. The exhibition was well presented in a large independent art gallery which is part of the artists' group at Kunstwerk. The exhibition opening had many visitors and included a programme of theatrical and musical performances to broaden access to the visual arts. The project and exhibition costs, publicity and transport were funded by the British Council in Germany, Eight days a week, Kulturamt Koln, Kunstwerk and Uclan.

The exhibition was reviewed by the `Kolner Stadt Anzeiger', featured in the Strong review and significantly publicised by the British Council in Germany's website included five pictures of work and review of the exhibition. Www. chatting-with-colours.de


Review from the Guardian

While collaboration has become commonplace among installation artists, it is almost unheard of for painters. The western tradition of painting has been for too long bound up with the idea of the lone individual's unique markmaking for painters to risk their efforts being dissipated. Now Liverpool based painter Pete Clarke and Cologne-based painter Georg Gartz have engaged on a series of collaborative works. Clarke's work is an inventive jumble of urban elements, so the artistic input of another urbanite appears a fitting extension. Working on the canvases separately, then swapping them, they have constructed multi perspective semi-abstract works and cast doubt on presumptions of authentic authorship.


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