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Eight Days a Week Artist Donate to Hospital Art Auction, 02 May 2007.

Pete Clarke, Neil Morris, Tony Knox and Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney donated art to the Transvoyeur Charity Auction for the Emergency Department of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Artists Give Work to Emergency Flog it!
Unsung Heroes Benefit, as Philip Key Discovers.

Written by Philip Key, Liverpool Daily Post (Liverpool, England).
Photograph by Tony Knox 2007.
02 May 2007


INTERNATIONAL art will go under the hammer in Flog It! style in Liverpool tomorrow to raise money for a hospital’s emergency department.

All the works have been donated by the artists concerned, from both Merseyside and overseas.

Scores of artists have contributed works, and last night organisers said still more were arriving.

The works will be auctioned at the View Two Gallery in Mathew Street. All the money raised will go towards the emergency department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The charity art auction has been organised by a group of artists in the Liverpool collective Trans-voyeur.

Project organiser Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney said it was an attempt by artists to contribute something back to the city.

“The emergency department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital represents part of the core of the city which supports all of us who live here,” she said.

“The work they do at the hospital is highly commendable and in some way we hope this project helps. It is also planned to raise awareness of the exceptional work they do at the hospital.”

The hospital’s clinical director, Peter Burdett-Smith, said it was a great project for the emergency department.

“We don’t often benefit from charity fundraising. Most funding seems to go to glamorous specialities like cardiology and neurosurgery, which do great work, but people tend to forget that we treat 90,000 emergencies every year, some 250 every single day.”

Mr Burdett-Smith did not know how much might be raised by the auction.

He added: “But I have a list of equipment that the staff have put together that would benefit our patients. As a spin-off, I am hoping that this will raise the profile of the department and continue the good work that the two series of Trauma on the BBC did last year.

“Emergency services can sometimes feel a bit taken for granted and it is nice to have some recognition for all our hard work.”

Artists contributing include Liverpool artist Jason Jones – recently the first of the Eat Art artists to appear at the Malmaison art dinners – Alex Corina, who created the iconic image of Mona Lennon for the Capital of Culture bid, and performance artist George Lund. Among many others are Pete Clarke, Rachel Pearson, Stephen Fowlkes, Kofi Fosu, Richard Meagan, Andrew Taylor, Jo Head and organiser Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.

Following the auction, artists will also be donating works to go on the wall at the emergency department. “This will be a permanent collection of art donated by various artists,” she said.

Mr Burdett-Smith is equally appreciative of this move, convinced that art does help to create a healing environment.

“Many patients who attend the emergency department are in pain or distress and anything we can do to alleviate this is to be welcomed,” he said. “I am also hoping to display some of the work in the staff areas as they are the backbone of the department and deserve some recognition.”

The auction will take place tomorrow at the View Two Gallery in Mathew Street between 7pm and 9pm, conducted by Roger Phillips of Radio Merseyside.


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