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Belonging and Beyond.
Summer 2005.
Artists: Lin Holland and Veronika Moos-Brochhagen.
Weltjugendtag / World Youth Day Koeln/ Cologne.
A collaborative project: Lin Holland and Veronika Moos-Brochhagen. The stories are read by Thomas Abels, Music by Angela Ehling and a performance during the Jour fixe of the “Kuenstlerunion” Koln.

The stories are read by Thomas Abels.
Music by Angela Ehling (a performance during the Jour fixe of the “Kuenstlerunion” Koln).

Woven into New Material By Susanne Hengesbach

The common destiny of the community of donated coats
Approximately 350 visitors were attracted to the exhibition of the story-telling coats on display within the church of St. Maria im Kapitol on Saturday evening.
Some stories allow themselves to be clearly structured. They have a beginning and a conclusion. Others are endless. And that is the case with the coats which define the exhibition "Belonging & Beyond".

Together with the original narration and stories they have once more been woven into new material. Whilst being inside the walk-in sculptures in St. Maria im Kapitol, one listens, via small loudspeakers, to the pieces of recordings relating the individual bond which these coat donators have to the clothing they have given to the exhibition, at the same time one can put one's ear up against the sewn-together coats and work out the continuation of the story.

The intertwined robes as part of the wall of the tower have long since grown into a sort of common destiny. They were folded, pressed, compressed and pierced, shuttled between Cologne and Liverpool, marvelled at and admired.

After they arrived in the aisle of the church they found themselves in the middle of a building site, a bomb alarm and the continuous fear of the two artists responsible for the organisation, who in the middle of all this bustle, could hardly imagine that in the end all "would be well".But in the end everything "was well". And not only were both of the artists. Pleased at the reaction to the opening of their exhibition, but also Prelate Johannes Westhoff, the parish priest of St. Maria im Kapitol, was amazed that so many people had come and let themselves be pleasantly surprised by the coats and the towers.

The church is from that point of view a suitable place for this exhibition according to Westhoff, a place of contemplation, a place of common human destiny, a place of the bringing together of a great variety of people and a place of intensity and spirit. Dean Johannes Basgen, who regarded the sculptures of the Cologne artist and her English colleague as an "experience and an event", reminded the visitors of the at times essential function of the coats as a protection and a shield. Drawn by the outward aesthetic as well as by the expression of the subject matter of the works of art, many guests, such as Edith Muller, Vice President of the North Rhine Westphalia State Parliament, stayed until late in the evening in this house of God.

Picture description:
Many of the guests were fascinated by the outward aesthetic and the expression of the subject matter of the works of art.
Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger 18.04.2005.


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