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Belonging and Beyond.
April - May 2005.
Artists: Lin Holland and Veronika Moos-Brochhagen.
St Maria im Kapitol, Cologne, Germany.
A collaborative project by Lin Holland and Veronika Moos-Brochhagen.

The Project

What kind of unwritten stories are there to be found within these fabrics? What do they tell us? Are they strange or familiar, sad or happy, lonely or do they possess a sense of belonging? People from Liverpool and Cologne have donated their old and well worn coats with all their individual stories and memories – unique specimens from both cities. The owners were prepared to donate these “coats full of memories” in order to give them the possibility of a new life. The shared journey of these “single pieces” has led to this art project. More than three hundred coats have been sewn together into one “skin”.

Two sculptures have been created: a “walk in” coat and a “walk in” tower. Both forms are linked to a spiritual body. The coat is connected to man and his physical body, the tower of the cathedral stretching up into the air is the space within which man is encased.

These sculptures relate the inner story of the individual, and open up a communicative spatial experience which leads beyond that of the individual.

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